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Lots of good companies can make oatmeal, but only MyOatmeal.com gives you total control over what goes in it!  You pick the ingredients you want, to make it healthy or as calorie dense as you like. We don't add preservatives or use artificial flavors or dyes, helping to keep your family healthy. We make oatmeal fun! Something no other company has done!


Healthy oatmeal reviews are in! Check out what our customers say about our custom flavors. You can either read about our reviews or leave a review on this page! Either way, we'd love to get your feedback, so come over to the review section of MyOatmeal.com to tell us what you think about the fun customized oatmeal blends.

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    22 Billion combinations of healthy oatmeal!

    With so many healthy products out there, MyOatmeal.com is the only company that is making healthy oatmeal fun! Every order is customer specific exactly as they want! All of our healthy oatmeal recipes are hand made. This is one bowl of gourmet oatmeal you do not want to miss out on. Change your breakfast and change your life! MyOatmeal.com makes organic oatmeal recipe fun!

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    MyOatmeal.com makes oatmeal fun!!

    When it comes to healthy oatmeal recipes, MyOatmeal.com is the only company that makes it fun. All natural, without chemicals, whole grain oats, dried fruit and gourmet oatmeal flavors that are sure to make healthy oatmeal fun. We make sure to put love in to every bag of gourmet oatmeal we make. Whether it is steel cut oats, gluten free oats or multi grain oats, you are sure to find the best products for a healthier life!

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    Our reviews!

    Delicious oatmeal, with a tasty flavor . If you are looking for customized breakfast for your family, our website has all the flavors you could ever want. Our unique flavors are not only yummy, but also good for your heart. Steel cut oats lower cholesterol, imporive blood sugar and help fight diabetes.


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    Gluten free oatmeal and Steel Cut Oats

    Steel cut oats are proven to lower cholesterol. What better way to improve health than with healthy oatmeal recipes. Our gourmet oatmeal is not only delicious but also has vitamins and micro nutrients that are sure to keep you energetic and motivated to take on the day. If you are looking for healthy recipes be sure to check out our page http://www.myoatmeal.com/oatmeal-recipes/


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    MyOamteal.com teams up with Flex Comics!

    Since many of our customers are bodybuilders, working with Flex Comics seemed like a natural fit! Not only do bodybuiders and other athletes eat organic oatmeal and steel cut oats for breakfast, they also eat to fuel their intense workouts and training sessions. Check out some of the recipes that flex comics will be putting out for us in the next few months. They are funny and inventive!!


  • Gourmet

    Gourmet recipes and organic oats for healthy breakfast

    The gourmet oatmeal that we blend is hand made and customized for every person. Every time we make custom recipes on our website, we make sure that it is exactly like our healthy breakfast customers are looking for. Sometimes we make 5 or 6 bags of oats but mostly, the average person makes 2 custom bags of gourmet oatmeal. My favorite is the 5 grain rolled oats with Flax, but most people prefer the steel cut oats or smash blend. Both are delicious!


  • Gluten free

    Gluten free oatmeal breakfast for athletes, bodybuilders and ironman

    Gluten free oatmeal and steel cut oats is perfect for athletes training for a bodybuilding diet or ironman! Clean and slow digesting carbohydrates help fuel long distance endurnace marathon runners, while plant based sweeteners and sugar help fuel explosive energy for MMA fighters. Eating gluten free oats and is the easiest way to stay healthy and energetic when sports performance is required.


  • Organic Food

    Organic oatmeal and steel cut oats are on top of the world with athletes

    Our company is dedicated to making healthy oatmeal fun again. It is for this reason that we have added thick cut, organic oats to our lineup of already healthy recipes. These old fashioned oats are thick, hearty and gluten free. We source them from a farm that produces nothing but organic oatmeal grains, and has a history of satisfying their customers. These are the perfect fit for our little niche of the industry, and we are sure you will agree as well!


  • Flavors

    MyOatmeal.com is now offering the option to use multiple flavors!

    Up until recently our custom oatmeal flavors have been limited to one selection. We listened to our customers feedback and decided to make a change to our website. We added the functionality to allow our customers to pick up to three flavors in their customized oats. Whether it is gluten free, organic or steel cut oats, we promise to make your morning breakfast the most healthy and delicious organic oats available. Try it out and see for yourself!


  • Organic Oatmeal

    We now offer organic oatmeal and gluten free oats

    We are very excited to announce that MyOatmeal.com just added a new ingredient to our list of growing products on the Build Your Own Oatmeal page. Old Fashioned, Organic, Gluten free, Thick Cut Oats. Check them out and see why our organic oatmeal is leaps & bounds above other companies. These healthy oats are NOT quick oats, but rather, old fashion oats. Perfect when you want to make your own organic oatmeal with gluten free oats.


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