Popular PB Lean Blends

Pumpkin Spice PB Lean is the perfect autumn blend of peanut butter powder. Low in fat, moderate in carbs and high in protein, this is an amazing low calorie peanut butter alternative, loaded with pumpkin flavor
PB Lean banana bread flavor is by far our best selling peanut butter powder. Perfect as a but butter substitute, it is low calorie and a delicious compliment to our amazing oatmeal flavors!
German Chocolate PB Lean is the has the exact taste you would expect, with the addition of peanut butter. Chocolate, coconut and more chocolate!!
Vanilla Frosting flavored PB Lean is amazing! Most commonly used as a low calorie frosting on top of cakes, cupcakes and other goodies, this peanut butter powder is packed with all kinds of delicious flavor!
This peanut butter powder is based on the popular European chocolate hazelnut butter. Simply delicious and uber rich!
This is our original PB powder, PB Lean which actually does contain natural peanut butter flavor. All of our PB Lean products are 100% natural, vegan, non gmo and ciliac friendly!